Personalized Medicine Powered by Cannabinoid Nano-Extraction

Personalized Medicine Powered by Cannabinoid Nano-Extraction
Personalized Medicine Powered by Cannabinoid Nano-Extraction

Authored by Lyle Fletcher

May 19, 2020

As the world progresses, everything becomes more focused on the individual. Today, we can take DNA tests to determine diets designed for our metabolism or to determine which antidepressant will work the best. In this data-driven era, cannabis patients and consumers may soon be dialing in their ideal cannabinoid formulation for optimal health and wellness, as well.

Ancient Cannabis Medicine Combined with Modern Nanotechnology Science

From Egypt to Asia, cannabis was used by ancient societies for a variety of purposes. Its legacy is one of accessibility, as it doesn’t reek of the clinician. Cannabis holds a unique position as a powerful pharmacological and as holistic medicine. Maintaining both of these aspects makes it a leading choice for consumers across the world.

However, the proper way to consume cannabis is a subject of much debate. Smoking is a questionable health decision, and although vaping offers a cleaner option, it’s still a risk. For years people have suggested that eating cannabis is the least risky way to ingest it, and science suggests they’re not far off. 

Fortunately, nanotechnology extraction companies such as Sixth Wave out of Vancouver, Canada, are capable of isolating and purifying cannabinoids at mass-production scale, allowing producers and consumers the capability of precise formulation and doses. 

Having isolated cannabis compounds allows for accurate dosage and ensures contaminant-free products. Furthermore, isolation enables manufacturers to make specific cannabinoid combinations made from scratch. 

Nanotechnology and Cannabis

Nanotechnology broadly means technology that deals with material smaller than 100 nanometers, like molecules and atoms. In terms of companies like Sixth Wave, they use technology such as molecularly imprinted polymers, or MIPs. MIPs technology used in tandem with engineered molecules allows Sixth Technology to process cannabis with pinpoint accuracy. 

Targeted technology such as this means that Sixth Wave can isolate THC or any other cannabinoid, from any material, no matter the quality. From crude to tainted concentrate, Sixth Wave can remediate the product through purifying the sample. 

First, operators place the sample in a food-grade ethanol-water mixture in a cylinder of their Affinity machine. They will already have chosen the specific MIPs they want to use and have placed them in the device. The sample then liquefies into the solution, and the MIPs target any molecule within the product. 

After the MIPs collect these molecules, the machine washes the beads in ethanol. The product left behind is a highly potent, clean cannabis extract. Not only does this achieve easy THC remediation, but Sixth Wave maintains a high 99.7% recovery rate. With very little loss, while preserving cannabinoid purity, Sixth Wave offers a highly efficient way of producing pure cannabinoid molecules. 

Using Affinity is one of the fastest ways to purify and extract compounds from cannabis samples. Crushing traditional methods, such as chromatography, Affinity infinitely scalable, faster, and maintaining higher yields.

Why Does Nanotechnology Matter?

In the face of a personalized world, medicine must keep up. Full-spectrum medication is essential within the cannabis industry, but it’s not for everybody. There have been countless studies on the various cannabinoids at this point, and so whether mixed to promote bone cell growth or reduce anxiety, specific formulations are ideal. 

For topicals, such as anti-inflammatory rubs, THC may be less desired, but CBC might be crucial. Frequently, products with a mix of cannabinoids, and other symbiotic cannabis compounds are superior to those with singular cannabinoids. Nanotechnology allows for producers to control these variables, and for consumers to reasonably demand consistency from product to product. 

Additionally, based on the theory behind the entourage effect, all of the minor cannabinoids make up the experience of consuming cannabis. By reintroducing them in particular ratios, the extraction can be designed to mimic a full spectrum experience or make something entirely new. 

More importantly than the quality of the experience, is the safety of using it. Nanotechnologies companies like Sixth Wave allow consumers to know without a reasonable doubt that they’re buying clean, safe products. Through processing individual cannabis molecules, their purification process is airtight. 

Not only does nanotechnology allow for control over the content in cannabis products, but it also allows for better yields. All cannabis pharmaceuticals will likely be developed under the influence of nanotechnology in the coming years. 

Molecular Extractions Offer Solutions for Cannabis 2.0 

No matter the use of the tool, the person using it matters more. Nanotechnology is incredibly revealing within the scientific world, but Sixth Wave’s technology can be directly implemented today.

With their Affinity currently providing high yields, which are clean and efficiently produced, these molecules are ready-made for consumer goods and pharmaceuticals already. Any producer interested in working with specific cannabis mixtures can start with any cannabinoids in any concentration that they would like to introduce into their product. 

Affinity and is a powerful way to create innovative products. The cannabinoid rush has already started, and any cannabis compound is likely to be ‘the next CBD.’

Working with Sixth Wave allows producers to stay ahead of the curve, and to offer these sure to be booming compounds before the market catches on. Personalized medicine is on the rise, and specific cannabinoid formulations will be yet another way it thrives. Nanotechnology companies are already offering ways for manufacturers to produce products to meet the craze. 

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